IceLink CEO Suzy Sogoyan Follows Her Father’s Entrepreneurial Spirit and Continues Jewelry Business

Since the 1970s, Andy Sogoyan has crafted a lasting bond between his family and business. His entrepreneurial spirit passed directly to his daughter Suzy Sogoyan, and IceLink is now one of the most influential jewelry firms in the industry due to her leadership. Suzy has set new standards for innovation and excellence through her designs and unique business practices as CEO of IceLink. She is reshaping the landscape of jewelry design by consistently exceeding expectations.

IceLink has been making a name for itself in the world of fine jewelry and watches. Their unique pieces, which include exquisite necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, have caught the eye of many who are looking for something different. The jewelry at IceLink also have an Armenian flair, with many pendants and earrings boasting Armenian symbols, such as the eternity symbol. Suzy has demonstrated her creativity in the design of their timepieces, making them a source of admiration for many jewelry enthusiasts. From creating small and intricate pieces, like a gold band with a few diamonds on it, to something big and eye-catching, like a ring with a cabochon ruby on it, IceLink has options for everyone.

IceLink is more than just beautiful jewelry. Suzy has worked hard to develop a strong brand with clear beliefs and values. IceLink is a perfect example of a company that understands the importance of branding. By taking the time to develop a clear brand identity, Suzy and her father have been able to create a loyal customer base and establish themselves as a reputable organization. Suzy says, “My objective for managing IceLink isn’t just because of my love and enthusiasm for jewelry and watches; it is also about creating with purpose and using my talent and artistry to connect with others.” 

Suzy had little trouble taking over the family jewelry business after her father had passed it on to her. Today, IceLink is a company that focuses on building relationships. Suzy helps to create a sense of community both in person and online. On her Instagram feed, she is open about her professional and personal life, which makes customers and followers feel welcome. IceLink will continue to do business in the same way, with creativity and passion, and a focus on community.

To connect and catch up with Suzy Sogoyan, follow her on Instagram at @suzysogoyan.

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