Suzy Sogoyan: The Successful Jeweler Who Broke the Rules

Suzy Sogoyan, daughter of jewelry mogul Andy Sogoyan and co-owner of IceLink, is making waves in the jewelry industry. As the creative force behind the company, Sogoyan now runs the company her father founded, and has become known for her unique and daring designs, often displaying an Armenian flavor to them, which have caught the attention of celebrities and fashion observers alike.

But what makes Sogoyan stand out from her contemporaries is her dedication to creating a strong brand. From defining core values and developing a brand story to setting a tone and designing a look, Sogoyan has shown an impressive commitment to building a recognizable brand. “Success is good and consistent branding. A brand book is KEY,” Suzy said. This focus on branding has helped to foster a sense of community and connection among her customers and followers. 

Moreover, Sogoyan has cultivated an engaged and supportive online community, often referred to as the “Suzy squad”, which consists of ambitious and hardworking women who are striving to become better versions of themselves. 

Such an endeavor is reflective of Sogoyan’s leadership style and her commitment to empowering her customers. Not only does she encourage them to be the best versions of themselves but also supports them through her company’s philanthropic initiatives. As Sogoyan is not afraid to be different and to take risks, she is an example to many, both within and outside of her network. Ultimately, Suzy Sogoyan’s passion and dedication to building a strong brand has helped to create a unique and engaging customer experience.

The success of Sogoyan’s brand is evident in the fact that her Instagram following has grown significantly over the past few years. Her Suzy Squad of followers have been described as “young, fabulous and chic”. Additionally, IceLink has been praised for its commitment to transparency and its donations to charities.

What sets Sogoyan apart is her ability to use her brand to support human connections. She encourages customers to provide feedback and engages with her followers on a regular basis. Her passion for creating a strong brand and fostering meaningful relationships is inspiring, and her success is a testament to the power of branding and community building.

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