Serial Entrepreneur Rick Mirza Begins Restaurant Franchise Journey

Rick Mirza defines what it means to be a serial entrepreneur. With a background in real estate, energy, and ecommerce industries, Mirza has been busy growing his business portfolio. His latest business venture? Fast dining. 

Mirza’s first job, outside of his chores and mowing laws, was at a pizza parlor in Baltimore, Maryland. Working as a cook three to four nights a week, Rick developed a taste for the restaurant industry early on in life. Today, he is finalizing the first stages to enter into a memorandum of understanding to acquire existing quick service restaurants, as well as a development agreement to develop twelve or more restaurants in the next 36 to 48 months for that brand. He hopes to acquire all twelve locations by March or April.

This will not be your standard fast dining restaurant. Without revealing too much information, Rick says, “This isn’t your average burger and fries or taco fast dining experience.” Working with Patel Food Management, Mirza will be going into already existing locations and revamping them for his franchise. 

Rick has been a hard worker his entire life. Not following the traditional route, Mirza did not attend college. Rick says, “I wanted more from my life than a college education and mediocre opportunities.” Entirely self-made, Mirza used his work ethic and drive to achieve success. “Never stop growing. You have an option, a choice every day to learn something new and apply that knowledge, or not,” he says. CEO and founder of a private equity firm, Rick Mirza’s current bread and butter is operating Dault. 

Mirza’s success story began when he identified the need to develop a new model to invest in growing businesses. He recognized that traditional ways of investing often left investors with returns that were too low or too risky, and wanted to place capital with attractive opportunities at key growth stages where it could make a real difference for the company.

This is how he came up with the idea for Daulat, a venture capital firm that provides strategic advisory and investment services to early-stage businesses. Daulat has since become a well-known name in global investing circles. The company works with top investors from around the world and supports some of the most promising entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dault has over 30 years of experience in investment management. Daulat is a global private equity firm that manages, consults, and funds companies, real estate holdings, franchises, hospitality and startups across a variety of industries. Mirza’s drive and perseverance has been beneficial to more than just start-ups. 

Also an author, Mirza has released three different books; 10 Things NOT to Invest in America, 10 Things to Invest in America, and The Intelligent Foreign Investor’s Guide to Investing in America. Besides writing, Rick also spends his spare time as a philanthropist and is the director of charitable organizations like HOPE and PakTech. 

The key to Mirza’s success is his focus on mindset. He understood early on that in order for him to achieve true success he had to approach every challenge with a forward-thinking mentality and remain focused even when the going got tough. This is what allowed him to build a company that has been able to make a lasting impact.

Creating an impact and making each day count is what’s most important to him. “I cherish the gift of waking up each morning and being given the chance to make each new day count. Seize each day with gratitude in your heart, try to avoid the mistakes made yesterday, and push yourself towards accomplishing the next milestone,” Mirza says. 

Through his journey, Mirza has proved that financial freedom is achievable if you have the right attitude and approach. With his experience in venture capital, he’s created a model that allows entrepreneurs to access the funds they need while also encouraging risk-taking and long-term growth opportunities.

Financial freedom is a major goal of Mirza’s. He believes that it comes through hard work, dedication, and taking calculated risks. He uses Daulat to empower entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that can scale quickly and generate impressive returns for investors.

Mirza is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. He’s faced difficult situations in his past that have helped him become a better leader, and he now offers invaluable advice for those looking to start their own business. His mantra is simple: never give up, plan ahead and just go for it.

So for anyone looking for guidance on how to reach financial freedom, Rick Mirza’s story of success and resilience should be seen as an inspiration. With his dedication and commitment to creating innovative solutions, he has become a role model for all inspiring and current entrepreneurs.

Continue following Rick Mirza and stay up to date with his business ventures on his Instagram, @itsmogul.

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