Gay Couple and Business Partners, Eli & Mike, Become a Leading Sensation In the Real Estate World Despite Their Poor Backgrounds

The LGBTQ+ community would benefit significantly from more optimistic role models, particularly in the business world. By simply being themselves in the corporate world, Eli and Mike are helping to create this representation, and their efforts are paying off in other areas as a result.

Business partners Eli Delgado and Mike Vizcarra, who recently got married in November this year, focus on real estate and mortgage loans. In addition to that, they also run a mentoring program for members of the LGBTQ+ community who want to start their own businesses but lack the resources to do so on their own. Because of their achievements in the real estate industry, they can be open about their sexual orientation. As a result, they are helping to establish the much-needed visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in the real estate industry.

Eli and Mike are committed to making changes in the real estate industry to better include the LGBTQ+ population. People needing real estate services often want to be represented by an agent who gets them. It creates a unique link between both of them. So many people in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond are helped by Eli and Mike’s efforts. Eli and Mike are the proud owners of M&E Real Estate Services, which has over twenty-two dedicated professionals. And in addition to their real estate enterprise, Eli is co-owner of The Mortgage Guys. The relationship between Eli and Mike goes beyond that of business colleagues.

M&E Real Estate Services offers unique services due to their commitment to excellence, enthusiasm for expansion, and familiarity with a wide range of real estate-related industries. Their familiarity with various loan products and the homosexual community are other attributes that make them stand out.

Eli and Mike overcame hardships such as poverty and prejudice to achieve success. Together, they’ve put in nearly a decade of effort and friendship. They succeeded in part because of the state of their mind and perspective on life. When asked what part mindset plays in their achievements, they responded, “It is everything.” Getting to this height of success involved facing off against antagonists of all kinds, including haters. As society becomes more progressive, the public at large finally recognizes them for the formidable pair they always knew they were.

They recommend finding a mentor and taking some classes if you want to start your own business. According to them, launching a business takes a lot of mentorships, private tuition, repetition, and industry branding. They said, “We have no interest in being the data industry’s architects, either as analysts or as mentors, so that others may reap the financial benefits of our work.”

One of Eli and Mike’s immediate goals is to get Instagram’s verification (the blue tick mark), so they can further develop their brand. They’re trying to attract famous and high-end clients because they recognize their worth. Eli and Mike are respected and understood by the clientele and patrons. They are very aware of their worth and the value they have to offer. In the modern business world, success depends on being genuine and reveling in that genuineness. 

In summary, Eli and Mike are killing it in the real estate market and being honest, which has helped them tremendously. You will find them on Instagram at @Eliandmike. Follow them to discover more layers to them.

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