Justin Saini, Day Trader and Serial-Entrepreneur, Explains How to Reach Success

Justin Saini – an experienced entrepreneur – shares his story along with expert advice. Entrepreneurship is often stemmed from a deeply ingrained belief in oneself. Many entrepreneurs tout the importance of mindset; however, many of us brush over the information, either shrugging it off or wondering what the real answer to success is. Justin Saini explains it a bit differently.

As a serial entrepreneur, Justin Saini knows well what is needed to become successful. It boils down to a couple of things for Saini: motivation and mindset. “Seeing my family struggle financially as immigrants was a catalyst for my desire to become successful. I figured if they had the courage and took the risk to come to a new country, with a new language and customs, what would I be, if I didn’t take the risk to make the most out of their sacrifice.” Justin Saini says.

You have to know your “why.” Define a powerful and motivating reason to get started. Once you’ve done that, Saini suggests focusing on yourself: “Get personally developed. Start your day focusing on you before you focus on the world.” Establishing and maintaining a good mindset is the key to success, whether you are focused on personal goals like fitness or the like, or starting your own business.

“The starting point is desire. Once you know this you [can] use your mind to help you as opposed to tearing you down. Too many people accept defeat before the enemy is at the lines; they have already lost the business before the business starts. They have already lost the trading account before they took their first trade because of their LACK of belief. This isn’t some hoo-ra or feel-good information, this comes from every religious book around the world and is the basis of every personal development book ever written.” Saini says.

People often shrug this advice off – hoping for more explicit instructions on how to get started, or they simply don’t believe it’s as simple as having the right mindset. The truth is that cultivating a strong and positive mindset isn’t easy. It’s actually quite difficult. It entails facing your demons which isn’t something most people want to do. Luckily for Justin Saini, he had a great reason to get started – which was for his family. Once your “why” is strong enough – people will listen to all the advice.

For Justin Saini – he had something else, too – which was a natural inclination to make money. Since he was young, he has been starting businesses. “In middle school, I started realizing my entrepreneurial skill sets when I started a business that involved restoring and customizing iPhone software. From there, I started buying and selling sneakers throughout high school.” Saini explained.

Justin Saini wants everyone to realize their money-making potential: When asked what inspired him to get into the financial education industry, Saini explained: “Freedom. Being able to create my own income and live the kind of life that was once only reserved for the famous. In today’s world, you can create wealth online and live like royalty…” With his over 25K followers on Instagram, he hopes to inspire others to get involved in creating their own freedom.

For the future – Justin Saini has his sights set on the rapidly growing Web3 space. Aside from that, he hopes to get involved with real estate and grow his crypto portfolio. In the end, it’s about his own definition of success. For Justin Saini, that means being able to retire his family and provide them with medical care. He wants to travel the world and not have to look at price tags. Most importantly, he wants to understand his purpose and make a difference in the lives of others.

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