The beautiful kitchen appliance Dua Lipa uses in her London home reveals that she is a conventional woman at heart.

An urban haven, the singer’s London house features a rainbow-covered sofa, a raw brick wall, and a mosaic doorway.

Dua Lipa, a famous singer who was born in London and has both British and Albanian citizenship, nonetheless calls the UK’s city her home.

Dua Lipa’s home is reportedly among the most exclusive mansions in the world and is situated in the affluent area of West Hampstead in north London. The singer’s interior design choices are as current as her zip code; they include a light-filled skylight ceiling, pastel kitchen appliances, and a dramatic brick wall that gives London a nod to New York flair.

Long before starting her music career, Dua Lipa was raised in the same West Hampstead neighbourhood. The singer initially resided in Pristina, Kosovo, for a while before returning to the UK and rising to fame. The multi-Grammy and Brit Award winner is best known for her collaborations with DJ Calvin Harris on the songs Levitating, Be the One, New Rules, and One Kiss. Here, we get a look at her house.
The front porch and foyer area of Dua Lipa’s house blend in with the neighborhood’s historic homes thanks to its checkered encaustic Victorian tiles and forest green tile trim.
Large Victorian homes constructed in West Hampstead between the mid- and late 1800s during the industrial boom are well known. Local authorities encourage Londoners to retain and preserve the authenticity of the materials used by the original Victorian builders, and most homes like hers include period elements both inside and out that are desired by Londoners.
The most informative room in Dua Lipa’s home is undoubtedly her living room, where you can find out more about her preferred fabrics and colour schemes. Perhaps the most remarkable element is the uncovered, dark brick wall, which contrasts sharply with the glass sliding door, which occupies nearly the entire wall on one side.

This portion of the backyard of her home is most likely an addition: Many Londoners have added single story additions to the back of their homes to create large, open-plan kitchen/diner/living rooms. Victorian properties were typically divided into small rooms that were easier to heat. However, the trend for open-plan living and modern heating has caused this to change.
The large glass windows and doors that fill the space with natural light and give a view of Dua’s yard are the perfect example of indoor/outdoor living. The singer’s use of a rainbow patterned quilt to cover her grey couch, which otherwise has a neutral paint colour, is a great example of a celebrity-approved sofa concept.
Although Dua Lipa used fabrics to add colour to her living area, her kitchen is clearly more bohemian. Dark blue-green cabinetry in the singer’s bathroom contrast luxuriously with the rough marble countertop, giving the room a modern appearance.

Dua displays a baby blue Smeg kettle next to her little Mason jars and wine bottles, just like Hilary Duff, who has one in her kitchen.
Dua’s bathroom design ideas are as as spectacular as the rest of her house with its ivory marble and encircling mirrors. The marble soaking tub is the ultimate tribute to luxury, and the mirrors reflect the tiny spotlights that give the room a hotel-style environment suited for the celebrity. We’re completely motivated.

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