Who Is the Boyfriend of Kacey Musgraves? Overview of Cole Schafer

Cole Schafer is the new love in Kacey Musgraves’ life.

About a year after the country singer announced her divorce from Ruston Kelly, they were first seen together in June 2021. Schafer uploaded a picture with Musgraves a few days after their first encounter, possibly confirming the dating rumours.

Later, the singer of “High Horse” made their connection Instagram official. Since then, she has shared a few heartfelt remembrances of Schafer. She clarified this in an interview with Time in March 2022 “I don’t really want to keep things a secret since I cherish my relationship. I’m overjoyed. To desire to share that is only natural. Furthermore, I don’t want to seem robotic; I believe that my appeal to others stems from the fact that I am authentic.”

Schafer, she continued, is very supportive of her career and is not put off by her success. I feel so fortunate to be with someone who supports me in aiming for the stars and is so secure in who I am, Musgraves added. “For a man to be able to support a woman in that way and not take it personally is a very beautiful thing.”

Schafer’s birthday was on January 5, 2023, and Musgraves posted a heartfelt homage to him on Instagram, referring to him as the “brightest spark in my life.”

What do we know about the Grammy-winning singer’s lover and who is he? To find out more about Cole Schafer, continue reading.

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