Tina Sadri has over 300K Followers on Instagram, and Here’s Why

Depression and anxiety are prevalent and social media can often make these things worse. Tina Sadri experienced depression herself so she is using her experience as knowledge, and working to change things on social media. 

Tina Sadri is both a psychotherapist and fashionista. She can also be considered a Digital Creator or Instagram Influencer. Sadri has earned that title, as she has over 300K followers on Instagram and for good reason. Her career started in psychotherapy where she provided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy services or “talk therapy” to her clients but when she had her second child and experienced postpartum depression her life took a dramatic shift. 

Tina Sadri’s perspective on life and worldview took a turn for the better after her postpartum. It was so intense that she found herself wondering if she would ever come out of it. She decided that if and when she came out of the depression she would do something about it: “My main motivation is [to] show and teach others how to live their best life and to spread awareness around the mental health stigma.” Sadri said. Sadri did just that when she created her Instagram page. 

She knew that social media often exacerbates mental health issues so she wanted to portray her social media account a little differently. Tina Sadri wants to portray balance on her Instagram: “It’s all about balance….don’t tend to one thing and then compromise [on] the other things.” Sadri said. Most social media accounts portray a one-sided view of a person. You’re either in fashion or a psychotherapist but never both on one page. Tina Sadri is changing all of that.

Sadri’s followers see the whole of Tina Sadri. She models sophisticated and casual outfits and she shows off purses and jewelry. Sadri showcases her very own line of luxury eyewear–Sadri Sunglams. She provides “therapy Tuesdays” on her Instagram, where she talks about mental health topics. Aside from her professional life, she also shows family photos and everyday life. She does all of this to give a holistic view of herself so followers can get to know her. 

People can appreciate that. People like to see real people on social media and will relate better when they do, which is why Tina Sadri has so many followers. Sadri takes this seriously. When she’s asked to focus on one thing on Instagram she replied, “I can’t take one. I am all of it together.” Followers get an experience of Tina Sadri instead of just one facet. Instead of making people feel bad, Sadri’s page makes people feel good and inspired. She’s even written a book about it: #Obsession: Freeing Yourself from Social Media Disorder. Tina Sadri is a true entrepreneur, making a living out of just living.

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