Edward Davis, a Licensed NFL Agent, Aspires To Be Renowned as the Agent of Agents

A person’s ambitions are personal to them. A few people actively work to get them, while others aren’t even trying. The same option is open to you. No one can do the work and make the sacrifices necessary to realize your goals for you. Edward Davies realized this and is on his way to gaining worldwide recognition as an agents’ agent.

Edward Davis is a coach and a certified National Football League sports agent for people who want to become professional sports agents. For him, the ultimate career goal involved playing football. But this isn’t the life he envisioned for himself when he was a kid. He persisted in pursuing a career in the sports industry even after realizing his childhood dream was doomed to failure.

Since obtaining his certification, Davis has established and managed Checkmate Sports, an organization that caters to athletes. They aid athletes in handling contractual matters. Furthermore, they offer guidance for those who have left the workforce. Even if an athlete wants to improve his draft stock, Checkmate Sports can help. They can aid with monetary compensation, nutrition guidance, and physical education. With Checkmate Sports, Edward Davis has revolutionized the sports-agency industry. Moreover, he has no plans of leaving it at that.

Davis’ success at Checkmate Sports happened quickly but not without effort. It was tough to become an agent because it was hard to get his hands on materials and connect with experienced people in the field. As if operating from an exclusive “old boys’ network,” agents were largely inaccessible to the public. They had a negative attitude toward newcomers who wanted to break into the industry. In Davis’ words, “this industry makes money from people’s blunders.” He had a difficult time breaking through to prominent sports agents. A lot of people are trying to break into this industry, so it stands to reason that he would like to see that change.

As Davies put it, the “agent of agents” is what he aspires to become. Since then, he’s developed a mentoring and coaching program and launched its accompanying website. Davis isn’t one to sit around and wait for luck to strike. “Instead of playing the victim role, I decided to get back to work,” Davis explained. This mindset is what has helped him excel despite the challenges. One of the challenges includes one time he spent money investing in some of his clients and then almost lost $52,000 due to the effects of COVID-19. 

The upbringing that Edward Davis received has served him well. He is undaunted by the many obstacles he has encountered in his pursuit of success in the sports industry. By saying, “I went through it, so you don’t have to go through it,” he explains his motivation to assist others in becoming successful sports agents. Since launching his website, he has helped 70 people enter the sports agency business. Apparently, he was meant to change the narrative in this field. 

Davis is different from other agents because he can exert complete control over the internet. The vast majority of agents avoid public visibility by keeping to the old boy’s network. Davis represents the polar opposite.

His piece of advice to aspiring businessmen and women is “be coachable. Find someone already successful in the field you wish to enter and offer to pay them to teach you what they know.” Edward Davis is on Instagram as @callmyagent. Follow him there and learn more about him and his business.

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