The Tooth Fairy Made This Special Request to Son Saint

Kim Kardashian may be most recognised for her work as a reality star and brand spokesperson, but she also made a fortune in business as a beauty tycoon, shapewear guru, and even a video game producer. And it appears that her children have picked up some of her negotiating prowess.

Saint West, the son of the KUWTK star and her ex-husband Kanye, lost his first tooth on January 14. It was a significant occasion for both Saint West and his mother, the tooth fairy, especially since Saint West had a special request for the renowned tooth collector: instead of money, he wanted Robux, the currency used in the online game Roblox. According to an Entertainment Tonight article, Kim shared her son’s special handwritten request on her Instagram Stories. With a tooth and a fairy emoji, she added, “Saint lost his first tooth.”
The seven-year-old wrote, “Can I please have Robux instead of [money]” in his letter to the tooth fairy. A smiley-faced “Please write back” and “Please check bag,” which probably contained his tooth, were also quite courteous pleas. The occasion arose after Kim and Khloé returned from their journey to Toronto to attend the mother’s funeral of Kim’s ex-husband, Tristan Thomspon. Naturally, Kim complied with Saint’s request and even replied to his letter. The creator of Skims revealed what Saint received in another Instagram Story, including a note, $2 in cash, a Roblox gift card, and some glitter for flair. She stated in the post, displaying her penmanship, “North says the tooth fairy writes in cursive which I haven’t done in 15 years haha.”
Saint has been a Roblox player for years, and one of his Roblox-related mishaps was even featured in the April 2017 season premiere of Hulu’s The Kardashians. In the episode from April 14, Saint approaches Kim while she is with her family to show her a meme he discovered of her sobbing face on his Roblox game. Kim is horrified to learn that the advertisement was for purportedly “new” video of her notorious sex tape with Ray J, which was made public in 2007.

In the show, she remarked, “As a mother, the last thing I want is for my history to come up 20 years later, especially when it’s this big party and my whole family’s here.” This is seriously embarrassing stuff.

During the episode, Kim is enraged and even seems to threaten to sue Roblox, declaring, “I’m not going to allow this happen to me again. I have unlimited resources, including time, money, and time to burn them all to the ground.

In response to the issue, Roblox stated that they have taken action against the moderators after learning about the offensive commercial in September 2021. According to a statement sent by Roblox to the BBC, “The text reference to the tape that got past our filters was swiftly taken down and thankfully only available to a small number of users on the platform. We quickly removed the incident’s related experience and blacklisted the community developer responsible.

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