Pamela Anderson hasn’t read Lily James’ letter about “Pam & Tommy”

Actress Pamela Anderson made it clear that she disapproved of her life story being taken for the plot of Hulu’s miniseries Pam & Tommy when it was first shown. The fact that the story revolved around the sex tape she had with her ex-husband Tommy Lee particularly infuriated her because the film had been stolen, released, and violated her privacy.

Anderson discusses how Lily James contacted her before to the premiere of the Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story, but that she hasn’t responded in a new column for the New York Times to promote her book, Love, Pamela, which is being released concurrently with the Netflix miniseries.

James, who is portraying Anderson opposite Sebastian Stan, who is playing the Mötley Crüe drummer, seemed to be trying to establish some sort of rapport with Anderson or offer an explanation. However, she had no interest.

Anderson stated of the disclosure of the tape, “It was already painful enough the first time. It’s one of those things that makes you think, “Really? Are they still making money off that?”

The Baywatch star claims she didn’t read James’ letter, respond to him, or watch the show. The letter is still “sitting in [Anderson’s] inbox somewhere, unopened,” she admits.

In her latest book, she discusses highly private aspects of her life, such as the numerous sexual assaults she experienced as a kid and young adult, as well as the domestic abuse she experienced throughout her marriage to Lee. The couple filed for divorce in 1998 after the drummer subsequently served time in prison for felony domestic abuse.

In the article, Anderson talks about her early nudist poses and professional path.

She replied, “It was my choice,” and added, “Unfortunately, it gave some people the motivation to treat me without respect.”

Additionally, it was found that she was without management or an agency throughout her time on Baywatch, which cost her many lucrative possibilities.

She recalled arriving from Canada as a little child and running on the seashore. How do you suppose that would generate any revenue, like?

Anderson has been married five additional times since divorcing Lee: to Kid Rock, twice-married Rick Salomon, Jon Peters, and Dan Hayhurst. As Hayhurst completed a building project on her property, they became friends over the pandemic. She is currently residing in a family home in Canada.

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