Twitter is emphasising the friendship between Sally Field and Jane Fonda in a recent viral video.

Find a buddy who cares for you as much as Sally Field is loved by Jane Fonda. The cast of 80 For Brady is making headlines for a new interview on CBS Sunday Morning in which Fonda discusses how she met Field by actively seeking their connection in spite of her reservations. This conversation is resonating tremendously on Twitter.

In the interview from January 15, Fonda skillfully exposed (most) males for only having superficial relationships and discussed how women go above and beyond for one another. She remarked, “You guys kind of sit side by side and watch sports or cars or ladies.” “Women sit face-to-face and exclaim, “I’m in difficulty; I need you. Can you assist me? We don’t worry about getting exposed. The Monster-in-Law actress recalled Ted Turner, her “favourite ex-husband,” saying that individuals don’t make new acquaintances after the age of 60. She was married to Ted Turner for ten years before their divorce in 2001. She disagreed, saying, “I think that he’s very wrong.”
She continued by using Field as an example, stating that although she would run across the performer throughout the years, she would not specifically look to befriend her. She said, “Well, I did pursue you,” and Field said, “Oh heavens sakes, I couldn’t make you stop,” and they all laughed. She prefers to be private, and I went after you,” Fonda said. “You need to become friends with the people you want to be friends with. And you must declare, “I purposely want to be your friend.” It functions.
Lily Tomlin, Fonda’s lifelong friend and on-screen co-star in 80 for Brady, spoke forward in support of Fonda’s position. She said, “I don’t actually like people that much,” before adding that she “simply can’t get rid of” those who are tenacious about their friendships like Fonda. Field laughed as he said, “They won’t disappear.

Twitter is adoring the solid, endearing, and purposeful friendships between Fonda, Field, and Tomlin, despite feeling a touch forced at times. Some joke that Fonda, an apparent extrovert, is adept at adopting introverts, while others claim that many people can relate to one or more of the characters in their own life (Field and Tomlin).
Contrary to Tomlin, Fonda had never collaborated with Field before 80 for Brady, but their friendship dates back many years. Field revealed to Entertainment Tonight in November that she met the actor when she “actually knocked on my door and said, you know, “Come on, we’re going to lunch”” in the 1980s. The Spoiler Alert actor has expressed her gratitude for Fonda, saying that even if she may not have been looking for a friend at the time, she has been “very crucial to me as a female friend and mentor and all sorts of things.”

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