This five-star toaster is in Hilary Duff’s kitchen, and it matches her worktops wonderfully.

For this culinary necessity, the actress chose a well-known Italian brand; it is a traditional option that will fit in any setting.

Even though Hilary Duff has won awards for her acting and singing, she utilises typical kitchen items every day just like everyone else.

The actress, who is best known for portraying Lizzie McGuire in the television series and film adaptations, gave fans a rare look into her cooking routine when she replied to her husband Matthew Koma’s Instagram message. In the scene (seen below), the actress responds to Matthew when he reveals that Hilary left one hotdog on the counter to marinade overnight.

We must admit that Hilary’s toaster is the star of the show, despite the fact that we are undoubtedly intrigued by the couple’s countertop (and stunning gold door handles).
The device in question is a cream Smeg, one of the greatest toasters available, and it will look just as wonderful in your kitchen as it does in hers.
The retro-style cream Smeg toaster used in Hilary Duff’s (opens in new tab) kitchen is designed to hold two pieces of bread. The actress’s choice of hue complements her white marble kitchen countertop ideas and the black and white tiled wall that can be seen behind the appliance.

It’s understandable why Hilary Duff uses this gadget in her home given its adaptable good aesthetics, but if you’re considering investing, you’ll agree that its utility is equally crucial.

We tested a nearly identical item in our Smeg 4 slice toaster review, and it didn’t let us down. Our reviewer gave the toaster a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and gave special praise to its long-lasting, high-quality construction. In addition, if Hilary’s colour suggestions don’t work in your kitchen, you can select from a variety of various tones.
You could do much worse than take Reese Witherspoon’s example, Hilary’s Hollywood equivalent, if you’re looking for the greatest kettle to go with your toaster.
Reese Witherspoon’s Smeg kettle is another another classic product from the Italian powerhouse, sharing the same retro design and celebrity endorsement as the toaster.

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