LaQuan Smith Is What The Sexiest Celebrities Need

LaQuan Smith wore LaQuan Smith on Monday night, which isn’t necessarily something he would typically do. The designer was vying for the title of American Womenswear Designer of the Year at the CFDA Awards. Some people refer to the yearly celebration as the “Oscars of Fashion,” but Smith tells me it also “sorta feels like prom.” Khloé Kardashian was his date for the fashion prom, and she was dressed in a bespoke cutout LaQuan Smith gown that gave the impression that she had dipped into a pool of melted bronze and wiped off a sleek section of her torso to reveal her abs and the perfect amount of underboob.

Despite being recognised for his womenswear designs, LaQuan Smith’s menswear was more prevalent on the red carpet than anything else. Additionally, LaQuan Smith doesn’t even officially sell menswear. Still not. Smith claims that she always wears Tom Ford to black-tie parties, red-carpet occasions, and galas. But because of how unique this particular occasion seemed, I felt compelled to wear LaQuan Smith on the red carpet. He therefore created his own suit, despite the fact that he is not an expert in that field. Then he also created one for Lenny Kravitz.
At the CFDA Awards, Kravitz received the Fashion Icon Award. Months earlier, he had spoken to Smith about the possibility of a personalised outfit. Smith says, “I’m incredibly enthusiastic about that part of my career. Working with Lenny Kravitz gave me the drive and the inspiration to dig into menswear.

Similar to Kardashian’s dress, Kravitz’s double-breasted wool suit blazer had sensual LaQuan characteristic cuts at the hips. Smith also created him a pair of leather flared pants that were tight. Like many fashion titans, Kravitz accessorised with a black ostrich feather boa.
LaQuan’s very own LaQuan look was, of course, incredibly sexual if Kardashian’s LaQuan look and Kravitz’s LaQuan look were both sexy. Due to the fact that the designer does LaQuan Smith the best, it might even be the sexiest of the three. He describes his three-piece suit made of grey tropical wool as “simply very me.” It’s distinctly LaQuan.
But let’s get back to the prom. Kravitz and Kardashian appeared to be fit to be proclaimed king and queen, but Smith appeared to be the very cool teenager who entered prom midway through (Oh, this was today?). You recognise him—he exudes such confidence in himself and his personal flair that you can’t help but feel a little envious of him since you know his prom pictures will hold up beautifully over time (a sensation most of us former prom attendees have never experienced).

He claims that the timeless quality was intentional. When I’m 40 years old, I want to be able to look at these pictures! 50 years from now! Additionally, I want to be able to spend this time with my family without experiencing any of those insane fashion moments that make you go, “Oh, shit! I regret ever donning that.
At Smith’s fashion exhibitions, admirers frequently discuss who will wear the clothes in whispers (his spring 2023 collection featured a purple-sequined thong worn under a completely sheer asymmetrical gown). However, the true question that should be raised is how to secure an invitation to the event that the LaQuan Smith customer will be attending. Along with Kravitz and every Kardashian/Jenner, Smith also takes calls from Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Dua Lipa.

Smith never gives off the impression that he is too hip for school, even yet his outfits have a party reputation that appeals to his star-studded clientele. He was taking his dog for a stroll in the quiet Queens neighbourhood where he lives when he learned that he had been nominated for the CFDA Award. Prior to the award presentation, he acknowledges having social anxiety but claims he felt privileged to be there.

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