Kim only needed one more pair of baggy thigh-high boots to reach peak Kardashian status.

When the diva completely covered herself with Balenciaga caution tape, you would have thought we had hit peak Kim Kardashian. her morph suit, perhaps? That was nearly there.

Kim’s most recent dress, however, demonstrated her unwavering commitment to turning even the most ordinary day-to-day clothing into a “event.” She wore it quite simply to stop by the office where a swarm of paparazzi were waiting to shoot the businesswoman exiting her bespoke Lamborghini.

A Balenciaga X Adidas Lurex sweater and matching running shorts gave off a sporty roller disco feel, but her over-the-knee wader-style stiletto boots and leather trench (also both ‘ciaga) brought The Matrix’s Orpheus into the picture. There was a lot to sort through.

Anyone who watches The Kardashians will be aware of how well chosen this passing street style was. Kim demonstrated that although she briefly dabbled in Dolce, she’s still a devoted Demna disciple who is firmly in her Balenciaga phase thanks to the glittering Hourglass bag matching her sparkly polo-neck (the KarJenners live for a coordinating accessory) and the dark backdrop to make all that Lurex pop. She even traded in her reliable Yeezy slides earlier in the day for a pair of the French company’s flip-flops.
This low-key mid-week shoot makes us wonder when it became acceptable to spend thousands of dollars on quick fire social content and why we’re all still buying into it, in the same way that Kim’s previous outrageous outfits have made us wonder why we’re still dieting to fit into dresses and working all-nighters in the name of radical, temporary beauty transformations. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing Kim’s most recent purchases of high-end goods, but where will this week’s Balenciaga top be in a week from now or even tomorrow?

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