Entrepreneur Joel Sandoval Opens CPA Firm to Help Others Save

Joel Sandoval wanted to chase the new American dream of quitting your average 9 to 5 and begin working for himself as an entrepreneur. Like many others, he wanted to be his own boss. However, not everyone takes well to the pressures that come with running their own business – but Joel took the risks and remained positive. With a background in accounting, Joel used his knowledge and expertise to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and own his own firm. He took on every challenge with determination and eventually rose to success.

In the span of nine months, Sandoval was able to completely transform his career and life. While he was confident in numbers since being an accountant, Joel had no background knowledge about running a business. Despite this, Sandoval worked on learning about the principles of marketing and team management. Joel worked relentlessly to become proficient in business management.

Through reading and mentorship, Joel developed the essential knowledge he needed and to open his firm. Today, Sandoval Tax CPAs is bringing in seven figures in annual income. Sandoval Tax is the premier choice for business owners looking to maximize their savings when it comes to taxes. Sandoval Tax has helped business owners save ten to hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. With personalized tax plans and access to a dedicated team, Sandoval Tax promises individualized financial help tailored specifically for each client’s unique needs.

Joel shows ambition, and is an entrepreneur who recognized his niche and ran with it. His personal skills enabled him to invest in a Spanish-speaking CPA firm based out of Bakersfield. Here, the population is nearly 50% Hispanic or Latino, making his bilingual abilities immensely helpful to his clients. As a result of his combined motivation, innovation, and willpower, Sandoval created a thriving business in which he is able to help people navigate their finances while providing services in their preferred language.

In the past five years, Joel Sandoval has already made an impressive impact as a firm owner. He has helped his clients save over 37 million dollars. To extend his reach even further and ensure everyone has the opportunity to follow their dreams, Joel has started his own podcast. ‘Believe in The Entrepreneur’ is a podcast dedicated to providing education on becoming successful through entrepreneurship. Sandoval is driven to helping create opportunities to enable others to reach financial freedom.

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