Megan Fox Television Marie Antoinette wearing a pastel corset with cinches

Even as Christmas draws near, actor, Boohoo designer, and provocateur Megan Fox is stubbornly dressing for a Hot Girl Spring. You, Meg, do!

On December 19, Fox and her fiancé, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, left their Los Angeles home in what can only be characterised as a lot of style. The brunette bombshell drew heavier brows than I’ve ever seen on Ms. Fox and wore her long extensions in a chic ponytail. While her baby pink shrug, peep-toe heels, and fuzzy purse suggest “is it too late for me to make a role in the Barbie movie?” her pastel flowery corset shouts “Marie Antoinette.”

Even though the miniskirt’s disco-ball-like sequins don’t completely complement the overall theme of the ensemble, it’s still adorable!
To be honest, the entire colour scheme is definitely Easter-themed, yet the pattern has a certain something that reminds one of Revolutionary France. Fox has been sporting tube tops lately, most notably teaming an oversized Canadian Tuxedo with a weird structured shirt.
While MGK seemed a little more fitting for the time of year. He dressed entirely in white, complete with a fuzzy bucket hat and a furry coat, channelling the abominable snowman. The pink soles of his sharpie-covered platform combat boots, which are the couple’s go-to hue, add a sophisticated touch.

(A few weeks ago, Fox donned an outfit made entirely of Mattel bubblegum while vacationing in Florida. He wore pink cargo pants, a pink bra top, and a huge hat with pink feathers that had Pamela Anderson’s style in mind. Red is dead, blue is through, green is obscene, and brown is banned, according to a smart fashionista once.)

Let’s get back to her sweater for a moment. Cher Horowitz, indeed.

She embodies the fuzzy pink pen. Or Salem Saberhagen wearing his magnificent robe.
The hairdo with the “parts in front” makes me nostalgic!

Megan Fox can make any retro feminine fashion look sexy, so there you have it. In other news, the Earth is round, water is wet, and we will all pass away eventually.

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